Saudi Arabia

Information to know:

Saudi Arabia Statistics:

-As of 2013, Saudi Arabia has a population size of 28.83 million people.

-Saudi Arabia is about 830,000 square miles in size.

-Islam is the state religion, and basically all citizens are Muslim.

-The biggest city of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. With a population size of 4,205,961 people.

-Riyadh is, also, the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

-(The image on the right is of the Saudi Arabian flag).

Places to visit in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Madain Saleh: which is the breathtaking site of the ancient tombs of the Nabatean people.
  2. Empty Quarter: one of the largest sand deserts, that is full of beauty, silence, and tranquility.
  3. Al Lith: a small town, whose clear waters, and abundant marine life act as Saudi-Arabia's best diving destination.

Images of Saudi Arabia:

Some facts to know before going to Saudi Arabia:

-Only men are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, and women are not allowed to drive or travel without male relative's approval.

-There is no movie theaters, or any form of liberal entertainment in all parts of the country.

-No man is allowed to speak to any female in public except in hospitals.

-Crime is at a low rate due to the strong imposition of the Sharia Law

-five times a day Muslims close everything and stop anything they are doing to pray.