Auditions for Planned Web-Based Productions

South Florida Actors Get In On The Ground Floor

EMILY'S ESSENCE TV is looking for local talent, male and female, in various age ranges, for lead and supporting roles in several planned shows for a conceptualized web-based network.

EETV is auditioning for ZION, WONDERFUL COUNSELOR, THE SEER and potentially one other show. Singers and non-singers are sought.

It is vital that all auditioning have a definitive and personal Christ relationship and have full understanding and practice Christian/Biblical tenets.

It is vital that all auditioning be comfortable in performing in romantic and passionate roles/relationships.

These positions are non union/non pay, however you will receive read/audition/shooting day meals, credit, footage and photos for marketing use, and you may receive a small season/show stipend based on role, number of episodes appearing and experience and sponsor support. There is also acting training available. There are income opportunities available from advertising/sponsorship solicitations.

If interested in auditioning please send:

A head shot

A full body shot

A professional resume or letter stating your interest in performing

Auditions will be held at the Paul DeMaio Dania Beach Library, on:

Saturday, April 25, 3 to 6pm.

To audition, have three monologues ready to perform (no more than 2 mins each) of a highly emotional, humorous and suspenseful nature. Also, please be prepared to improv a scene or read a scene from a provided script on site.

New and inexperienced actors welcomed, workshops will be provided prior to filming schedules.