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An Example of Disconfirming Behavior

  • A disconfirming message expresses a lack of caring or respect towards the person and /or what the person has to say.
  • Here, in a clip from a Family Guy episode, Lois ignores Stewie, showing she doesn’t care what he wants (in this moment).
Family Guy - Stewie Mom Mum Mommy

An example of Deceptive Behavior (prosocial deception)

I love your skirt!- Regina George

someone using an inference

  • An inferential statement is a statement that you make on the basis of what you observe plus your own conclusions.
  • In this commercial the wife is inferring that her husband is on the phone with another woman, possibly cheating, because she is observing him on the phone late at night asking "if it matters that he is married" and she then concludes it must be a woman he is talking to.
State Farm® Commercial - State of Unrest (Jake).mp4

Strategic Emotionality

Below is a clip of Tyra Banks using her emotions strategically through ranting and yelling in order to make an impression on a top-model contestant who has a self-defeating attitude.
Tyra Banks going crazy

Emotional Ineptitude

Both of these comics below show emotional ineptitude. In the first one, Calvin responds to Hobbes completely out of control which was totally unnecessary. He does somewhat redeem himself in the last picture. In the second comic, Snoopy shows emotional ineptitude by screaming at the gang.
Big image
Big image

8 Physical Effects Caused by Emotion

1. Decreased Lifespan: Caused from the negative thoughts and emotions which leads to stress. Chronic stress over a period of time causes the shortening of our Telomeres, which are the end caps of our DNA strands.

2. Hypertension/ Cardiovascular disease: Caused from poorly managed or repressed anger.

3. Better Sleep/ Fewer Colds: physical effects caused by positive emotions such as playfulness, gratitude, awe, love.

4. Increased mental, emotional, and physical health: the emotion of forgiveness. It lowers our blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

5. Better Immune function: also caused by the forgiveness of emotion.

6. Chest Pain: caused by anxiety, increases blood pressures.

7. Headaches: can be caused by a slew of emotions causing us to take care of our bodies badly or not up to par.

8. Sweating: emotions of nervousness and anxiety can cause your body to excessively perspire.

Someone Who is Tone Deaf

In this clip Stanley (only the first 30 seconds) is portrayed as someone who is emotionally tone deaf so he can not listen empathetically. Being tone deaf Stanley does not pick up on the verbal ques from his co-workers and often responds with a grunt because he does not care or with a short, concise and somewhat rude response.

The Office: The Best Stanley Moments

Deb graciously accepts Elf’s compliment

In the video clip (below) taken from the movie Elf, Elf pays everyone a compliment, in which many of them seem surprised. Deb responds that she is touched.
Elf's Compliments

Overdisclosing on Social Media

All of these tweets show Donald Trump over-disclosing on social media. This is over-disclosing because he is over-sharing his beliefs and being rude while he is at it.
Big image

Backhanded compliment- Easy A

Easy A Movie Clip "You Look Like A Stripper" Official (HD)