Live peacefully or rot painfully.


Tucked between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea lies a small neck of land. This peninsula is a popular travel route for merchants and traders. Because it can be accessed from two different seas as well as by land, it's a perfect location for a city. Constantinople claims 7 hills, like Rome, a rocky terrain that had limited earlier utilization of a site so important for sea trade.


At Constantinople there is a centralized government of civil officials which controls the state. Men from many nations find a career in these offices and serve for long periods of years. Even when an emperor is assassinated and a new family comes into power it matters little to most of the officials, especially the rank and file, and the business of the bureau went on as before. This well-organized, centralized administration will carry on the government from generation to generation and stabilize the Byzantine Empire.


Constantine openly supports Christianity.Hagia Irene is one of the first churches commissioned by Constantine.

Daily Life

Daily life in Constantinople is great. It is more advanced than in the Western Europe area. When the traders come to town you can hear them talking in many different languages while the main language that people speak in the city is Greek. Many people from the empire had live in poverty , but the emperor is generous enough that he provids people with bread in exchange for their little works that they do.
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