Creation of the Holy Roman Empire

Christian Ritter


Clovis was the first King of the Franks. He led the Franks from Rome, after breaking from their control, to France.

Pepin the Short

Pepin was chosen to be King by the Pope. In return, Pepin had offered the Church protection from the Germanic Tribes.


Charlemagne was the son of Pepin and he thought that his people needed education and created schools. He had also expanded the Frankish Empire to where Western Europe was united for the first time after the fall of Rome.


Clovis did not like the way his people were treated by the Roman Empire and lead his people into a rebellion. His and other's rule led to the
Merovingian Dynasty.


Under his command, his armies defeated the Germanic Tribes and protected the Roman Church.


Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope as the first Holy Roman Emperor.