The Nitrogen Cycle

By:Seth Dunnam

Why is it important to us

All living things require nitrogen to live.It is  just as important to us as oxygen is.Most organisms cannot use the nitrogen gas that makes up about 78 percent of the atmosphere.

The cycle

-Nitrogen Falls to the ground by precipitation -Bacteria then breaks the nitrogen down into two sepperate atoms and combines them with hydrogen to create ammonia-The second bacteria gets the two ammonia molecules and combines them with oxygen this step is called nitrification -The plants then use those molecules to make proteins animals then get the protiens by eating plants or other animals-When animals and plants then die they relese the proteins to the soil-A third bacteria in the soil then breaks the molecules back to ammonia-A fourth bacteria grabs the ammoniaand breaks them back into nitrogen this is called denirtrification-The nitrogen then returns to the atmosphere completing the cycle-Then the process repeat
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Question 1

Q:If the,Nitrogen cycle is disturbed by human activity in an ecosystem,how does this disruption affect the organisms in the ecosystem?

A:Fertilizer,smoke,sewage,and manure add tons of nitrogen to the environment.That then throws the nitrogen cycle off balance,creating less oxygen in lakes and rivers,soil that wont grow,and even acid rain.

Question 2

Q:If the,Nitrogen cycle is disturbed by human activity in an ecosystem where you live,how does this disruption affect you?

A:Fertilizer,smoke,sewage,and manure add tons of nitrogen to the environment.This adds too much oxygen to the atmosphere and if we don't control it we will run out of oxygen to breath.

Question 3

Q:What problems arise as a result of human activity disrupting the nitrogen cycle?

A:If we don't clean our environment there will be too much nitrogen in the air.

Question 4

Q:What actions would you recommend to a concerned citizen,to bring awareness to the problems,find solutions to the problems,or actively work to reverse the effects of the problems?

A:I would say not to burn too much things use fertilizer and clean up after you animals to keep from too much nitrogen

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Fun Facts

-Most organisms cannot use nitrogen that makes up about 78% of the atmosphere oxygen makes up 22% of the atmosphere-Nitrogen circles between soil plants and animals and the atmosphere-When plants and animals die ,they undergo decomposition by certain bacteria and fungi-The microrganisms produce ammonia from nitrogen compounds in dead organic matter and in wastes by animals