Mission Statement

Our school is helping all students develop the world class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the SC Graduate by providing a challenging learning environment infused with a project-based curriculum and a climate that fosters integrity, perseverance global perspectives and interpersonal skills.



It is hard to believe that we are closing out the first quarter of the school year. We've been so extremely busy these last couple of months and you have been working so incredibly hard with your children.

I have enjoyed meeting with many of you to review your Fall Goals and listening to your feedback on what is going well, areas that you wish you had more time, any concerns, and ways that the leadership team can assist you. As you know, we are always available for you to share any ideas, thoughts or concerns. Your honesty is appreciated and the feedback you provide will allow us to grow together.

As many of you know, we invest so much emotional and physical effort to serve others, that we often neglect taking time for ourselves and/or family. I was sharing with several teachers that I was given great advice during my first year as principal about the importance of creating "white space." This is a time that you set aside on your calendar for whatever it is that recharges you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It doesn't have to be much, but please take time to focus and celebrate YOU and YOUR GIFTS.

I hope you enjoyed The Leader in Me presentation by Chad Smith. We will continue to explore this further by visiting other schools who have embedded this into their daily practice. Please begin reading the book if you have not done so already because we will be having a brief book study in the weeks to come.

I hope you have found your parent conferences valuable and you have developed partnerships with parents. Encourage parents who may seem uninvolved as they may have fear or apprehension about the impact they can make on their child's development. Share special moments or positive comments by making a phone call home. Believe me, this goes a very long way on developing collaborative relationships and trust with them.

Have a fantastic weekend and I appreciate all that you do!




October 19– SIC Meeting-12:00 /Vertical Teams– 3:00

October 20– Fall Pictures/ End of 1st Quarter

October 24-26- CogAt Testing in 2nd Grade

October 27-28-ITBS Testing in 2nd Grade

October 27- Principal/IC Meeting (Kelly and Pell off campus

October 31- Halloween

November 1- Digital Leader Training (Kamaya, Angelica, Hannah, Jenny off campus)

November 2- District Principal Meeting (Kelly off campus) /Faculty Council- 3:00

November 3- Full Lockdown Drill

November 8- Election Day (No school)

November 9- PTA Board -12:00/ STEAM PBL Training -3:00 in STEAM Lab

November 10- Fire Drill/ Dismissal Procedure Meeting (Kelly off campus)

November 11- Veteran's Day Performance 1:15 in cafeteria/ Movie Night 6-8PM


10/14 Faye Latta

10/17 Becky Johnson

10/20 Angelica Fowler

10/24 Demmick Lewis


  • Please be sure to sign up and attend the Benefits meeting with Ward Services in the conference room
  • Complete the PTA Volunteer Survey (link attached to this newsletter)
  • Complete the PADLET to share reflections about The Leader in Me