Graveyard Mansion

asking price 48,000,000

Graveyard Mansion is for sale enjoy your hauntings!

Graveyard Mansion is all about the dead. Such as Draculaura's dead body, The grim reeper, Egiption mummies, and much much more! In your sleep you will receive nice and peacful wherewolf howlings, full moons, and the crying dead! Enjoy your hauntings!!!

Location:bloodville road

Come to our house for sale, with a nice bloody auction and a estate sale for the last person who lived there hope you come back alive.

Come by to look at our house and you'll just die!!

Zombies Graveyard inc.

Zombies Graveyard inc. is now hiring the dead and people that are they can kill those employes.MWHAHAH!!!

Come buy our house it's worth the death