Tiger Times

Harmony Science Academy-Waco

September 22, 2020 Issue 1

“Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves.” – U. Thant


Some important highlights:

-In-person instruction for PreK-2nd graders and 3-5 siblings began on September 14th. There is still an online option for families that want to continue virtually.
-In-person instruction for remaining 3rd-5th graders with no younger siblings begins on September 28th. There is still an online option for families that want to continue virtually.
-Masks are required for every student
-School supplies will not be shared, so please send your child with all of their supplies when they return to campus. Please send a closed top bottle with water only as water fountains will not be used on campus this year.
-There will be no walk up allowed for drop off or dismissal. Please stay in your vehicles for both.
-Staff will check student's temperatures before they exit their vehicles. Please do not let students out until they have had a temperature check. Students with a 100 or above temperature will not be permitted in the building.
-Uniforms will be required when students return to campus.
-No outside food deliveries will be accepted at all.
-No visitors will be allowed on campus at all.

Anyone coming to campus, must have a mask on and conduct a temperature check before entry.

Looking Ahead: Important Dates

9/14: PK-2nd and their 3-5 siblings return to campus

9/25-Student Holiday/Teacher work day

9/28: 3-5 students return to campus

9/30-A+ Card orders are due

10/16: NED program

10/27: Fall pictures (must be in uniform)

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Virtual Home Visits

Contact your child's teacher to setup your virtual home visit!

Gifted and Talented Nominations

The deadline for nominations is September 30, 2020 and the G/T assessment period will take place in October.

English nomination form

Spanish nomination form

For more information about the screening and identification process, parents may contact the school’s G/T coordinator Amber Blakley ablakley@harmonytx.org or G/T coach/teacher Gulsum Avci gavci@harmonytx.org


Uniforms can be purchased online through Revtrak or on campus.

A+ Cards

THIS YEAR we are offering TWO ways to order A+ Cards:

1. The traditional order form/collect money at the time of the order.

2. Online ordering on our website www.apluscardTX.com. Customers will need to input the school, your first and last name, AND the homeroom teacher's name so you can get credit for the sale. Payment will be online.

PLEASE help your child sell at least 1 card. The funds raised from the A+ plus cards go directly into the student activity fund. We appreciate all of your support!

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If you would like to order a t-shirt please send an email with the following information

Student Name:

Homeroom Teacher:


Parent Name:

Phone Number:

Quantity and Size:

***Example: 1 Youth Small, 2 Youth Medium, 1 Adult XL***

(Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, Youth XL)

(Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL, Adult 2XL, Adult 3XL, Adult 4XL)

Learning at Home or School:

Directions to pay via PayPal are attached if using a credit/debit card. Orders are due by October 9, 2020.

Pay Pal English

Pay Pal Spanish

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The DFW Parent/Student Resource Document provides technology guidance and support for the various virtual learning resources used by Harmony. There are how-to videos, FAQ documents, and more to help guide parents and students through our online learning resources.
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Safety Songs

Our music teacher Mr. Wallace shared some songs for your kids to sing, have fun, and practice some safety procedures they will be expected to follow on campus.

Thank you Mr. Wallace!

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A Note from Mr. D

Dear parents/guardians,

We are very excited about starting on-campus learning in stages. Our teachers and staff, as well as students, are very happy to finally meet in person. The safety of our students is our priority and that is why we first started with the PreK-2nd grade and their siblings and we will continue with the rest of 3rd-5th grade students on September 28th. We really appreciate our students wearing their masks at all times and for parents and guardians encouraging them. Out teachers and staff are working very hard to ensure students are following the safety precautions we put in place on our campus.

Since the reopening, we did not hear about any confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our staff and in-person students and nobody has had symptoms so far. Our staff members have to pass a screening daily before they are coming to work and are aware of the procedures in cases when they show symptoms themselves or have been exposed. If a student starts showing symptoms throughout the day, we have procedures in place when we would quarantine the students in our quarantine room immediately and will contact the parent. The families of the students who might have been potentially exposed will be contacted on the same day as well.

We understand that since the start of the pandemic and when the school building closed, the student learning environment has s been a challenge for everybody. We appreciate our parents when everybody was doing remote learning and the parents who still continue with the remote learning for your dedication, patience, and assisting your students with navigating the learning platforms and technology. We appreciate our teachers for managing 3 different learning groups (in-person, live Zoom learners, and asynchronous learners), their flexibility, dedication, and thoughtfully planned lessons.

With many things happening and with constant updates, we understand that communication might be a challenge. We ask you to please stay connected and follow our ClassDojo, Facebook, school website posts, read your emails, and communicate with your child's homeroom teacher if you have any questions. Our admin and support staff team is also here at your service. You can email me directly at rdavletshin@harmonytx.org or send me a ClassDojo message if have any question.

Have a great day and be safe!

Mr. Davlesthin, Principal


Attendance Reminders: If a student is absent but still submits their work by 11:59 pm, they will get attendance credit. If a student does not submit work by 11:59 p.m they will need a doctor's note to excuse the absence.


Pre- K is learning new things this week. The letter E, the number 4, the color green and the shape is a triangle.-Ms. Bateman

Pre-K C is learning about family this week. We are also learning the letter C, the number 3 and all about shapes.-Ms. Ingroum


We will be starting magnets this week. In Social Studies, we are exploring history and talking about explorers like Christopher Columbus.

A reminder-

The water fountains are not being used and parents should send a water bottle labeled with the student name. It should be a reusable bottle with a secure lid if possible. The students are having difficulty with the lids on one-use plastic bottles and they are spilling. We are using electronics a lot and have charging stations on the floor, so a reusable one is safer and preferred.

This is an example of a type that works well-Ms. Jones

A friendly reminder to discuss with your child that their mask must stay on during the day and to bring the appropriate water bottle. I will be sending home some work with students that they can do at home and to keep at home. I will also be sending home flashcards along with a dojo message. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.-Mrs. Johnson

1st Grade

We are learning to discuss data and make picture and bar graphs. In ELAR we are learning to spell words with short O, adjectives, articles, and learning to identify and describe the setting of a story.-Mrs. Smith

In Science we are learning how adding heat or cooling material causes changes. In Social Studies we are learning about the importance of various beliefs, customs, language, and traditions of families and communities. We are learning about history. Mrs. Pustejovsky

2nd Grade

This week, we will be working on the author's purpose for writing and making inferences. Our story of the week will be Many Kinds of Matter! We will be focusing on long a, e, u vowel sounds for our spelling practice. Ms. Brown

This week we will continue to learn different strategies to help us add and subtract 2-digit numbers. -Ms. Lester

This week, we will be working on long/short vowel sounds and setting in the stories “It’s only Stanley” and “The Great Fuzz Frenzy.” We will learn about singular/plural nouns and how to write a descriptive essay. -Ms. B Martinez

This week we are continuing to study matter and it’s interactions. Students are using their 5 senses to observe physical properties of matter. -Mrs. A Martinez

3rd Grade

Please remember to check dojo frequently for updates as well as to communicate with your child's teacher. Also, please make sure your child is checking for any missing assignments as well as their grades in Schoology. They can access this by going into their Schoology course and clicking on the far left side, titled: Grades. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher on Class Dojo. Mrs. Salas

Students will be reviewing and completing their CBA this week over Matter!-Mrs. A Martinez

In Math we will be testing on Thursday over addition and subtraction.-Ms. Curtis

4th Grade

Please remember to check dojo frequently for updates as well as to communicate with your child's teacher. Also, please make sure your child is checking for any missing assignments as well as their grades in Schoology. They can access this by going into their Schoology course and clicking on the far left side, titled: Grades. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher on Class Dojo.-Mrs. Salas

This week students are continuing to explore different types of mixtures and using tools to separate them. Mrs. A Martinez

We just started our unit on multiplication in Math. We've been finding sums by using estimates and area models. We are learning about figurative language in Language Arts and will be writing about an apex predator. Please remember to always complete your Exit Tickets and finish up any assignments that are not completed in class!-Ms. McCaig

5th Grade

In science we are studying 5.6B Circuits and Electricity. In Social Studies we are covering selections from "Worth their weight in Gold" which is how spices were used for money, food preservation and incense.-Mr. Walton

We are studying the reading skill of finding text evidence in our reading passages or stories. We are also asking questions about what we read before, during and after a story. Students just finished a CBA 1 Test (Curriculum Based Assessment) and MAP Testing. We are also writing summaries to our stories and following a graphic organizer for writing a summary. Last week we studied inventors and created an invention in a group. -Mrs. Dunford

For math we are covering multiplying up to a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number including decimals.They should be practicing their fact fluency on Rocket Math 10 minutes a day. (play.rocketmath.com)-Ms. Piscacek


Hey Tiger Family! I am so happy to have our students back in PE. Please send students with water bottles every day and maybe even 2 water bottles on PE days. We will be outside the majority of the time and I want to make sure all of our students stay hydrated. We can not use the water fountains in the school, so it is extremely important that they have their water bottles. Thank you for being awesome! -Coach Kelly