Daily life

• What did the rich people/ 1st class people in the empire struggle with every day?

  1. The 1st class people still had to work. So they just didn’t sit around all day being lazy. I know this because the 1st class people worked in the government and made laws. In the text I was reading it said that “The Inca nobles lived a much easier lifestyle. They still had to work, but had important jobs in the government.”

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  2. One of the things that the king had to struggle with everyday is all of his wives. I know this because a king could marry multiple wives. It would be really difficult to have a lot of wives because that means you really don’t truly love them. So the king would be in the temple full of wives he didn’t love. In I found a book the was called Inca empire that said there were two kind of wives for the king the principal wife and the secondary wife. The principles wife was the king’s full sister and they had a ceremony for their wedding. The secondary wife was just taken into the house hold without a ceremony and she was the nanny of the king’s sons and she cleaned up the house. Citation: Michael,Malpass. Daily life in the Inca Empire. Connecticut: greenpress, 2009.print.

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    They had to make hard choses every day. They had to make new laws so they argued a lot. I know this because in the text they said the 1st class people worked in the government that means they had to make laws and it is not easy to agree with a lot of people.