Sewing Machine

By: Amelia K.

New Sewing Machine!

First sewing machine invented in 1846

Inventor: Elias Howe

Why was it invented?
The sewing machine was used for making blankets ,and clothing .It made sewing much easier ,and faster. It used to be done by hand. Now more cloths can be made faster.

How was the sewing machine important?

It was important because people would be able to to work making cloth or clothing quicker than before. They would no longer have to hand sew which could take hours to days at a time.It improved the way of life by adding additional time to everyday life and also lowering expenses of clothing.

How is a sewing machine used today

The sewing machine is used today to make clothing, towels, scarfs, and etc. The sewing machine requires more electricity but also a lot less time. Many people have modern day sewing machines in thier house and use to make thier own products or just to patch up clothing or other items. The modern day sewing machine is very similar looking to the sewing machines used in the 1800's but there are some differences.