teens on chomputer


what you should not give to a srtranger

you should never give your number to anyone that you don't know. Same as your email or your name. So nobody will come see were you are at and rob you or something. Also nobody will email you or text you improprite thing. make sure you friends don't give your number to anyone.

what you should not put on your computer.

telling anyone your real name, age, or were you live is risky behavior. they might go to your house and rob you. Never put information on online profils. facts such like your school name team name, phone number, and email address. these all can be used to find you.

chat rooms

if you use chat rooms on your computer. Make sure there is moderator that moderat your chats. the secure chat rooms are less likely to have predator in them. never go in to a privet chat room with people you don't no. it is really dangerest.


the internet makes it easier than ever before to get in countact with predators. this means a predator can make up any story they want. they will make it up it proubly not true. but if this ever happens get offline and go tell a adult. also if they says dont tell anyone or i will rob you still go tell a parent they will not find out expet you tell them.

video chat

if you see a person face to face you can tell alot about them. you can see how old he is. you can hear his voice. you can also see his gender. but they can make up identai.