Future Lover Boy

by:Carlene williams

Fav 5 Qual.

+willing to try and not give up.

Bad 5 qual.

+seeming not interested in the relationship
+to not take initiative in the relationship
+putting me off or not wanting to be around me.
+pressuring me to do things i don't want to do.

dream date!!!!

i would love to be on the most memorable dream date one that would be little and small and never compare to any other date i will go on. to start this date we will have a nice drive down to Miami. we would be in this nice hotel were there was a pool and a spa and all sorts of nice treats for the date we would go to the beach early in the morning and watch the sunset. ten we went to the front porch cafe and had a nice breakfast then later in the day we went shopping and explored the town. later that night we went to this amazing club called mango's this night and day is never to be forgotten.

my philosophy on love!!

my philosophy on love is that love is priceless love is an erge to do things you would never do for any ordinary person. it is an action and a feeling so deep in your heart it can change the way you think and and you perceive the world. love for me is a safe and secure word it takes risks but not to many that you will fall out of love.

my quote on love!!!

love is not just sex,

but a non physical sex,

a mental sex with his mind, body, and soul

,for you must not care of whats on the outside,

but for you must care whats on the on the inside.

||famous quote||

you know your in love when you cant fall asleep because is finally better than you dreams- dr.seuss

if you still talk or think about them you still care about them.- unknown