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March 2.0

In the blink of an eye..

This picture is of me and Adry in May of last year, on our first ever Skype call together. So much has happened since then; we have shared so many late night beers, office sing alongs, and memories. We have have both grown so much individually, but it still feels like it was only yesterday that we were on that call, so ready to start our terms and embark on this crazy journey together.

Summer peak is where you perform 80% of your operations. The months of March, April, and May will be the most intense and rewarding of your experience as an LCVP. It might seem overwhelming and impossible at times, but try and remember to make the most of it. Because before you know it, you're gonna blink and summer peak is going to be over. You're going to blink and you'll be coming back to school in the fall. You're going to blink and you'll have a successor. You're going to blink and wonder how the time could have possible gone that fast.

If you can, think back to when you were first elected to be VP OGX. What were the things you felt? What were the dreams you had for your LC and your function? Maybe it seems they have escaped you now. But maybe they're also still within your reach. If you want it, the future is waiting right within your grasp. I dare you to reach out and take it.

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