Writing a novel


The impact my project has had on me so far, is that it has expanded my intellect and comprehension of the processes of writing a book. The impact I hope my project will spread to others is how important it is to find time to sit down and unwind by reading a book instead of constantly staring at your phone.


1. Generating original ideas, without taking ideas from others is very difficult and tricky.

2. You need some sort of platform to able to spread your work through various outlets.

3. In order to get a book out there in world, you'll need a publisher, as well as making to get people talking about your book.

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Why did I choose this type of project?

Because I was lazy and I think this project is a waste of time, I decided to write a book.

Challenges faced (so far)

The two main challenges that I have faced so far with writing a book, is creating an idea that I like and want to write about and also I struggled to find the motivation to start writing at all. I plan on finishing generating my ideas and start writing my book soon after. By May, I hope/plan on having a small section of my book completed to make sure it is quality content.