Aubrey Smart


A monkey is missing. and its not just any monkey- its Savannah Drysdale's monkey, Cleo, who's also the best friend of a certain Doberman named Luthor. Savannah, Luthor, and Savannah's friends Griffin and Ben search every where for Cleo- but all they can find is one very suspicious banana. The next day, Griffin, Savannah, and Ben take a fIeld trip to a floating zoo... And find a monkey who Savannah swears is Cleo. The evil zookeepers, Mr. Nastase, isn't going to let her go. Other adults (like the police) aren't about to help. Luckily Griffin Bing is a man with a plan, and he, Ben, Savannah, and their other friends are soon planing the biggest zoo break this particular floating zoo has ever seen. There's only one big problem: if you break a bunch of animals out of a zoo, where do you put them once they're out??

Why you should read this

You should read this book if u like mysteries Nd funny and fiction books. This was a really good nook. I recommend this book to people that like mysteries!