Harriet Tubman

A conductor of the Underground Railroad

"Every dream begins with a dreamer"

-Harriet Tubman

Key Info

-born in 1820-1825

-born into slavery


-worked as a slave when she was around 6 years old

-conductor ofUnderground Railroad


Harriet Tubman was born in the 1820's as a slave. She started as a house slave when she was about 6 years old. Harriet was disobedient and was disrespectful to her masters. She had a 2 pound weight thrown at her head for not returning a run away slave she found. Her head injury lasted a life time which led to deep sleep and painful migraines. Eventually after Harriet escaped, she worked as a conductor for the Underground Railroad. Since she was a conductor that meant that she could lead slaves from the South up to the North. She risked her life many times helping to free other slaves because she was also a runaway slave. Whenever a slave went to back away and leave she would pull out a gun and say, "You'll be free or die a slave." She did that because if a slave left it would put others in danger because if you see some one leaving a location, some one can follow your tracks, find out were the secret is, and capture you. For motivation she would sing songs like "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and "Go Down Moses." She made 19 trips and saved around 300 slaves. That is why Harriet Tubman is such an important figure in our history.
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Connection to Sojourner Truth

Harriet and Sojourner were both women born into slavery and escaped.