(AMH) Africa Maybach Helpers

Environmental problems

There are many reasons what causes deforestation like illegal logging for example.Illegal logging can cause animals to become endangered and can eventually lead to extinction. Cutting down trees is bad because it can lead to desertification. If a part of land starts to become like a desert then crops wont be able to grow.

Solution to the environmental problems

If you want to stop deforestation then try to help the environment. Like you can plant more trees somewhere where a forest has been destroyed. Don't cut down trees because logging can lead to environmental problem. Don't litter because that can harm the plants and animals.
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Non Profit Orginazation

AMH is Organization who want to help the people, plants, and animals of Africa . We try to find solutions to deforestation and we strive to slow down the speed of extinction and desertification. Would you like if people destroyed your house for wood. That's why if you donate 5 dollars you will get a t shirt and a ribbon letting people know you donated