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August 12th, 1922, $0.03

The Death of Old Sport

by: Daniel Hicks, Walter Miller

On the evening of August 9th Gatsby was found shot and killed in his pool reportedly by George Wilson because of Gatsby's apparent affair with Wilson's wife Myrtle. Gatsby was accused of doing a hit and run on Myrtle. Reports say that when Wilson was told that it was Gatsby who had hit and killed his wife that he went into a rage, made his way to the Gatsby mansion and shot the man in the back while he was swimming, he then shot himself. Police who were called to the scene had a lot to say about Gatsby and they way he carried himself before he died. Here is a quote from one of the officers: "I think Gatsby was a very conceited individual who was nothing but trouble to the people around him and quite frankly i'm glad hes dead so he can no longer bother anybody" another said " I think Gatsby was a great man just very misunderstood"
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