Fraction Focus

Jackie Galbreath, Beth Gasior, Gifted Resource Specialists

Fraction Projects for Students

Fraction Stories

Check out this book, FUNNY & FABULOUS FRACTION STORIES by Dan Greenberg.

It contains 30 reproducible math tales and problems that reinforce important fraction skills.

Let this fraction story or reader's theater be an inspiration for your students to write their own fraction stories.

Cooking Up Fractions

Let your students learn real-world mathematics as they explore the profession of a chef and the fractions they use. This Google Doc, Math on the Menu, is perfect as an independent study or a class project.

Fraction Vocabulary

By using this Google Doc lesson, Fraction Vocabulary, your students can make a personal connection to fraction vocabulary. This lesson uses a website called A Math Dictionary for Kids.

Comic Strip Fractions

Your students will truly enjoy creating their own "fraction" comic with this activity, Comic Strip Fractions, created by Pieces of Learning.

Egyptian Fractions

This interactive activity is perfect for our gifted thinkers. On this website, students will get to explore how Egyptians wrote fractions - from Nrich - Egyptian Fractions

Fraction Design Challenge

Check out this Fraction Design Challenge. It combines patterning and fractions together in one design challenge.

Websites That Make Teaching Fractions Easier

Fraction Online Games

Sheppard Software has created a great collection of fraction online games that would be perfect for an early finisher to play.

This Weebly has a collection of easy fraction math games.

Number Nut

Number Nut Website clearly explains how to use fractions. Check out these links that could be used with students to refresh or enrich mathematical skills.

How to Add Fractions

How to Subtract Fractions

How to Multiply Fractions

Finding Fractions Around You