Kindergarten News

Mrs. Long's Class

November 4, 2016

Upcoming Events at JES

Harlem Ambassadors- Friday, November 4th: Meyer Gym @ 6:00 pm

NO SCHOOL- Tuesday, November 8th: Election Day

Veterans Day Program- Friday, November 11th

Fall Festival- Friday, November 18th *(Date Changed)

Care Package Donations- All items must be sent in by Friday, November 18th

NO SCHOOL- Wednesday, November 23rd: Thanksgiving Break (Possible Snow Make-Up Day)

NO SCHOOL- Thursday, November 24th: Thanksgiving Break

NO SCHOOL- Friday, November 25th: Thanksgiving Break

Skills we are working on:

  • Letters and Sounds
  • Shapes
  • Counting to 60 by 1's and 10's
  • Writing numbers 0-40
  • Number recognition
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Rhyming Words
  • Syllables
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Parts of a Book

Weekly Assessments: 11/7 -11/11

Nursery Rhyme

Hickory Dickory Dock

(Students will be recite the rhyme on Friday.)

Sight Words

of, be, zero

(These will be checked on Friday.)

Please continue to work on all of the words covered so far.

I, am, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink, the, little, to, a, gray, have, is, we, my, like, in, it, he, for, me, she, see, with, look, with


We have a little cat.

Pam can sip it.

I like my purple cap.

Pat the little brown cat

Tim is in the big bed.

He likes the red map.

Mac sat in the brown pit.

I can sit at the little park.

(Students will read 4 of these sentences to me on Thursday.)


This week our theme was Turkeys- We learned lots of interesting facts about wild turkeys. We also reviewed some important skills!

Fun with Physics!

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is just around the corner. The silent auction is now up and running. To view and bid on any of the items, you may type in the following link and add your bid. Online bidding closes at noon on the day of the festival, Friday, November 18.

Any questions regarding the auction may directed to Ms. Stobl via email at

Also, we will be collecting Little Debbie Cakes again this week. All donations need to be in the class by the beginning of the school day on November 11th.

Care packages

As Veterans Day approaches, and we begin to think about the holiday season, we have decided to collect items and create care packages for deployed soldiers. This is a great opportunity to for us to thank the heroes that defend our Country and freedom, and to spread cheer during the Holidays! The class with the most donations will get a prize! (If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Long.)

Donation List: All items must be sent in by Friday, November 18th.

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Accelerated Reader Prize Incentive Program

Students have started bringing home an AR book to be read to them each night. They will be able to take an AR test on it the next morning with the help of a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade reading buddy. Students earn points for each test they pass. Use the following link to view the 2016-2017 AR Prize Incentive Program.

Dreambox Math

We will be using the program Dreambox Math in addition to our regular math curriculum. Your child will be able to work on their individual math level to help meet their needs. If you have internet access, your child can use this program at home as well. Your child should be familiar with how to get into the program once you get them started. See the letter below to access Dreambox Math at home!
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Study Dog is another app that we will be using periodically that focuses on reading skills. Your child can also use the Studydog program at home! Just go to and enter your child's information. Their Username and password is the same as Reading Eggs. (Username: First name, Middle initial, Last name- Password: First name and lunch number)

Reading Eggs

Your child has been introduced to the program Reading Eggs. We will be using Reading Eggs regularly throughout the school year. A paper has been sent home with your child's login and password information. *(Login: first name, middle initial, last name. Password: is first name and lunch number) There is also is a program called Mathseeds. Mathseeds will give your child extra math skill practice. The login is the same! If you have internet access, you are encouraged to use these programs at home! Just go to

Scholastic Book Orders

Shop Online:

One-Time Class Activation Code: GWMXY

Ordering online is fast and easy:

  • CLICK on "Connect to Your Teacher " under the FOR PARENTS section.
  • ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code
  • SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books and value packs
  • SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our classroom
  • All book orders will be shipped to our classroom so we can celebrate the joy of reading together!

Box Tops!!

Competition ends at the end of the nine weeks!

We are collecting Box Tops this year! You can find them on lots of packages… everything from school supplies to taco shells! Each regular Box Top clipping is worth 10 cents, and those can add up quickly when we all turn them in! Please put your labels in a baggie or an envelop, label them "Long" and send them in.... Thanks so much!!


Click here to access our CLASS FACEBOOK PAGE! I will post pictures and information on here each week. There will be extra credit posted a few times a week so make sure you check it each night!

*(You can also search for What's Happening in Kindergarten)


This is where all our information will be found! Ask your child to show you our Canvas page! Let me know if you have any questions about Canvas. You can also download the app on your phone and access information from there as well!

**This is a work in progress- there will be more information sent home at a later date!