Polluted water in China

Water stress

Water Scarcity

All humans and animals need water to survive. Earth is mostly made up of water, 98 percent is seawater and although humans need a little bit of salt, seawater has to much of it. Only about 2 percent of earth is freshwater, most of the freshwater is frozen. Freshwater is not only use for drinking but for other purposes such as crops, bathing, washing clothes, and etc. Because of the use of so much of the freshwater, the population needs more water. Water gets overuse, how this happens is just from letting faucets run which from all of that can fill up thousand of swimming pools. In poor nations like China, is pollution, people don't have toilets there so they relieve themselves in the water so people get sick and sometimes die. Global warming is a problems too, from people burning fossil fuels which can cause droughts(droughts can cause dry outs so crops and animal don't get water so humans can die from starvation and lack of water) flooding and massive storms. Because of the lack of water some countries. The use and power of freshwater are issues poised to define in twenty first century. - The Global Water Crisis

Trash and Sewage in China

China is one of the places in the world that are suffering from lack of water and fresh water. China produces 3.5 million tons of sewage per day. At dumps, runoffs into the earth then groundwater aquifers. The water has human or animal waste, and the water is polluted with metals and chemicals. China's water is filled with trash and other things like dead animals, etc.
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This is a map shows China's polluted water and their scarcity of it. China is going through a water scarcity. In some places in China,the water is so polluted that people can't drink it at all. This map also shows the water stress in the area and how high or low it is.
These pictures show some of the water in China. The water turns red from metals and chemicals that get into it. In the middle picture you can tell that it is right by a factory, that's how it turns red to from the smog and other chemicals.

Sickness in China

People get waterborne diseases and myriad of human health. Crops grown by the water, get people to have cancer, kidney stones, and other health problems. Fisherman get their fish out of the polluted water. Crops consumed a lot of water but the water is polluted.

Crops and food in China

Crops that are grown by the water,get people sick. People are scared to eat their rice because of the water. Fishermen get their fish out of the polluted water so that can pollute the fish too. Crops consumed a lot of water so they can grow but the water is polluted so the crops make people sick. People get sick from their food they grow as well from the water.

solutions for this problem in China

To provide 1/3 of Beijing's tap water by 2019. Beijing's water group are paying yuan's (chinese money) for a plant. They are still trying to figure out more solutions and have new one's.