J.K. Rowling


Mental Illness

J.K. Rowling is commonly known for her genius book series "Harry Potter", but most people don't know that she has been struggling with depression. Rowling wrote her first book when she was in her 20s, during which she was taking care of her newborn daughter and dealing with her recent divorce. She experience extreme depression, and was fighting off suicidal thoughts.

Rowling was adjusting to her sudden fame, and she became vocal about her illness. She responded to tweets from fans and was very upfront about what she was going through.

“Depression is the most unpleasant thing I have ever experienced… Sad hurts, but it’s a healthy feeling. It is a necessary thing to feel. Depression is very different.” — J.K. Rowling


I think Rowling was treated with care concerning her illness because people understood that it was hard for her to balance a baby with a divorce. Since she was so open, I think it showed that even the people who help others also need help with their own problems.

Source: http://themighty.com/2015/08/5-times-j-k-rowling-got-real-about-depression/

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