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Why Should Educators Blog by Matt Renwick @ReadByExample

Check out Matt’s musings about the reasons WHY an educator should blog...

Here’s Tammy Worcester's post about creating a blog using Blogger by Google.

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How can I use Twitter to enhance my communication as an educator? Check out this blog by Amber Teamann @8amber8

three Could be Just the Thing

Three Ring is a free app for teachers. Use with Android or iOS App to snap a photo of written work, capture video of presentations, or record audio of student discussions. You can also upload digital files/student work samples from your computer. Parents can also create a ‘parent account’ which links them directly to their child’s digital portfolio, allowing them to view it an make comments anytime.

Have You Seen Seesaw?

Whether you are 1:1 or just have a single device in your class, Seesaw seamlessly organizes your students’ digital and physical work in one place. Seesaw facilitates parent communication with real-time notifications, giving them a glimpse of their child’s day and an opportunity to support learning at home. Seesaw empowers students (as young as 5!) to independently create and organize their work in a digital journal, develop their academic voice, and collaborate with classmates.

Food For Thought

“It is important to remember that educational software, like textbooks, is only one tool in the learning process. Neither can be a substitute for well-trained teachers, leadership, and parental involvement.” – Keith Krueger
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Ideas for Using Mobile Devices to Connect With Families

6 Ways to Use Cell Phones to Strengthen the Home-School Connection, by Lisa Nielsen @innovativeEdu:

6 Ways to Leverage Social Media in School

8 Ways to Use Social Media to Connect and Coordinate with Parents

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