Mrs. Trout's Weekly News

December 7-11

Busy Kindergarten!

We have been very busy in Kindergarten this week!! The students enjoyed learning all about the different types of weather and really enjoyed being scientists and performing weather experiments!! Please read below to see what else we did this week and for other important reminders:

Here's what we learned this week:

Language Arts: We reviewed our sight words. We discussed the difference between realism and fantasy. We learned the new amazing words: ogre, lad, naughty, lend, beanstalk and magic. We read the story Jack and the beanstalk. The students discussed the story elements of that story. Students wrote and illustrated about the characters, setting and plot of the story using graphic organizers. The students sorted pictures of characters not in and in the story and labeled the characters. The students worked in differentiated reading groups. We focused on learning good reading strategies (using our pointy finger, using the pictures as clues, sounding out the words, etc..) Students read books with our sight words in them. Students used story maps to write and illustrate about their reading group book's setting, characters and plot of the story. Students worked in literacy centers focusing on rhyming words, beginning and ending sounds, word building , and letter writing.

Letters of the week: Students learned about the letters Y and Z and the sounds they make. Students helped in brainstorming a list of words that begin with these letters. Students completed a variety of phonemic activities using these letters. Students tried to write words that begin with these letters and challenged themselves to write these words in sentences.

Math: Students learned how to join numbers together to form and make a larger number. This was the beginning of our addition unit. Students used two tone counters to represent numbers and show how to join them together. We focused on numbers 4-9.

Social Studies: Welearned all about the different types of weather. We explored clouds, rain, sunny days and snow. Students had the opportunity to see a cloud in a bottle, learn about the water cycle and make rain. We also explored snow and how it can melt. Students listened to a variety of books about these weather types and performed experiments. Students wrote facts learned about the different types of weather.

Pictures of the week:

Reminders and upcoming events:

  • Dress in your favorite holiday sweater next Friday!
  • Don't forget to purchase a $5.00 non-gender book for our book exchange. Please write your child's name on it!
  • Don't forget to find some fun tropical clothes for our Winter concert!!
  • Save the date for our Concert on the 22nd. It starts at 6:30.
  • Don't forget to sign up for the cookie decorating party on the 23rd. Please see below:

Have a fantastic weekend!!!