Welcome to Ohio

It is a great place to be.

This is what you will need to live in Ohio

Surviving at school, tips for which topics can start a conversation, what sports are popular, what teams should you should support, The hottest groups and songs, local store and restaurant ratings, web sites, and resources for newcomer
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Tips for surviving at school

1.Be nice to people and they will be nice to you.

2.Ignore people that annoy you before you get in trouble.

3.DON’T do something even though that the other kids might be doing it.

4.Do all you class work and behave to your teacher.

5.Don’t let anyone get in your way of living your life.

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Top Topics for Conversation

1. Starbucks and their frappuccinos

2. Social Media (Instagram, Vine, Snapchat)

3. New places around the world

4. New clothing and styles

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Tips for Sports Fans, What sports are popular?

1.basketball- Buckeyes

2. Ice Hockey- Columbus Blue Jackets

3. Football- Cleveland Browns

4.Baseball- Indians
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The hottest groups and songs

1. Secrets

2. Borderline Vanic Mix

3. Fire N Gold

4. See you Again
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Local Store and Restaurant Ratings

1. Chipotle 9/10

2. Five guys, burgers and fries 10/10

3. Monalisa 8/10

4. bacos 9/10

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Web Sites

1. www.curve fever.com

2. youtube.com

3.Cool Math.com

4. Kizi.com

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Resources for Newcomers




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the prefect place to go for your disability.

I would advise living in bath Ohio. It is a very open area and is just outside of Akron (a major city) Bath Ohio is very nice. Open areas, with not many narrow areas. Its is also extremely relaxing. The school district often hosts box top competitions and the winning class gets a pizza party.
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Brain games

There are some tournaments in Ohio such as the Ohio chess Association and the National Academic Quiz Tournaments.
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Thank you

As you can see if you follow these steps you can fit right in, in Ohio
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