Theodore Roosevelt

"I am an average man, but by George I work harder than one".

Early Life of Teddy

Theodore in his early days grew up in NYC and was surrounded by love and the care of his parents. Theodore at this time really wanted to work hard like his dad and be inspired by him and that is how he became president later in his life. He also was very venturous and like to discover new things, but was held back from terrible asthema.

What Made Theodore Progressive

When Theodore first became president he wanted make and achieve progressive goals that will change the nation in a positive way. President Teddy was also considered the first ever president muckraker.

His Major Accomplishments

Some of his major accomplishments was that he destroyed 44 monopoly corporations and passed very helpful laws such as "The Pure Food and Drug Act" as well as "The Meat Inspection Act".

Why I researched Theodore Roosevelt

I researched on this historical person because I thought that Teddy was a very unique President. He was a very great President that wanted to change America for the better. He was also one of the only President's at this time that was glued to discovering the world and nature.