Fire Importance

Fire should be a top priority when stranded

Why you need a fire.

Fire provides

  • Heat
  • Way to cook
  • Way to boil water
  • Light
  • Way to signal rescue teams
  • Confidence
Without any of these you would not survive long

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How to make a fire

Batteries and steel wool

  1. Stretch out the wool
  2. Rub battery on wool, creating small fire
  3. Quickly put wool onto main fire pile
Using a stick on a flat piece of wood

  1. Make sure wood is dry
  2. Rub end of stick on wood
Condom or Balloon lens method

  1. Fill with water
  2. Make into a sphere as much as possible, not too big
  3. Use like magnifying glass
  4. Be Awesome

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Final Advice

  • You can use the fire as smoke signals to alert planes
  • Fire does not necessarily ward off wild animals so be wary of any and all predators
  • If you feel the weather is warm to not make a fire, STILL BE PREPARED TO MAKE ONE. The weather can change
  • Keep warm, your body needs heat
  • Try not to burn yourself.


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