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Term 2 Week 1


MPS Techno News will be an emailed flyer coming right to your email address fortnightly.

Here you will get ideas of different websites, web tools and apps to help enhance student learning in your classroom.

Hint: when creating profiles in different applications I strongly recommend creating a gmail or hotmail email to have all the "junk" delivered to and keep the same password for all accounts.

Websites and Web Tools of the Week!

APP of the Week!

Match 10 - free

Begin with matching numbers of the play field to get 10 (friends of tens), then extends to numbers addd to 10. The more advanced look for largest number combinations and place value.

For example: 7+3=10 (73 points), 4+0+2+1+3 = 10 (40213 points).

See YouTube link below

Match 10: Free Math Puzzle - Turn Learning Into Fun!

Email me please.....

To make this a community flyer for all our staff to share ideas and see and hear about great tools beginning used in our school we all need to contribute.

Email me please.....

  • all your great ideas that you are using, have heard about or would love to know more about so I can share and showcase them on this flyer to share with our colleagues.
  • any questions or queries that you may have