Video Games


Introduction to Video Games

Video Games are everywhere on the internet, in stores and even on advertisements trying to sell you their new game. Video games has been seen before the computer and the internet as history from it came from old game machines that is basically only one game in one box and over 100 consoles for the games companies made to get attention to get the buyers to play their video game.


Today the main consoles sold and over targeting the market is the Xbox, PlayStation, and the Wii, all these have a series of games that can be played. As of the past, Video Games have had 100s of consoles and about 1000+ games made for the consoles to play fit on the home consoles. it was a battle for the consoles as there was always new games every month and they even invented the game catalog for information about what was happening and what is going on. As of now the newer version of video games are now popular on the computer and the consoles involving every time they make a new game.

Experts in gaming

There no known expert in all the games in the world, the expert is the person your good at it could be you it could be the person next to you its all whose good in gaming. Most of all its the person you are really good at.

What's going on with Video Games?


Video Games are growing as we speak as new consoles and even new technology is evolving allowing players to feel like there in the game and even see with your own eyes and interact with this to create the illusion that your in the game world. With this new feature this can create a new turning point to game development and the turn how we might react to this new style of gaming.
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