Matt Scott

Principal - Creekside Primary

Principal Matt Scott

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I am very proud to be the Principal at Creekside Primary School.

This is my 15th year to be Principal @ Creekside and my 23rd year overall.

I am very excited to be a part of this school and community. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to call on us at Creekside.

Week of 02.18.19

This is Matt Scott - Principal @ Creekside Primary.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the President’s Day holiday today.

Just a reminder our school calendar for this year and next year are on our school’s website @

Please refer to our school calendar when planning trips out of town and vacations. We want to have our highest attendance possible each day.

When students miss school for any reason we need documentation for the absence. Excused reasons for absences are - sick, death in the family, court appearance, religious holiday or a prior principal approved absence.

A student can be sick and miss up to 10 school days without a doctor’s note. After these 10 days are used up parents must supply a doctor’s note for absences when their child is sick.

Also, generally only 1 Principal approved absence form is given per school year. Please come by the school or email me for this form before your absence.

PTO Meeting

Our next PTO meeting will be this Monday night, February 26th @ 6:00 pm in the lunchroom.

Sign up for Remind notifications!

Sign up for Bus Remind notifications! If your child rides a bus we have created a notification system for each of our buses. Our notification system helps us communicate quickly with parents. Please visit our website @ and look under "Latest News" to sign up or just click the link here.

Upcoming dates:

Feb 25 - PTO meeting @ 6:00 pm in lunchroom

Feb 27 - ½ day of school. Professional Day for teachers

Mar 16-24 - SPRING BREAK

Apr 1 - Kindergarten Registration - 8:00-2:00 & 5:00-7:30

Apr 18 - Spring Arts Night - 5:00 - 7:30 pm

Apr 18 - PTO meeting @ 5:00 pm in lunchroom

May 2 - PTO Luncheon for staff

May 6 - Kindergarten Registration - 8:00-2:00 & 5:00-7:30

May 6-10 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10 - Field Day

May 17 - Field Day make up

May 23 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (½ day)

Lunch Menu:


Cheeseburger or Hamburger


Steak nuggets or BBQ potato stacks


Hotdog or chili


Chicken wings or Salisbury steak w/ gravy

If you would like a more detailed version of our lunch menu you can visit our school's website @ or visit our lunchroom's Instagram page @creekside_lunchroom

If you ever have any questions please let us know. Contact your child’s teacher through phone or email. If you ever need me or Mrs. Adams, please call, email or come by the school.

Thank you and I hope you have a great week!

Matt Scott - Principal

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2018-19 - School Improvement Plan

CPS 18-19 School Improvement Plan - Reading, Math and Attendance Goals

ELAA - East Limestone Athletic Association

Youth sports for Creekside and East Limestone

Bus Safety Information

Bus safety information for students and parents

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