Together in Education:Family Update

June 20-24

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Upcoming Dates:

JUNE is National Indigenous History Month and Pride Month

June 19th: Father's Day

June 21st - Vreeken to Treetop Trekking

June 23rd - Jarbeau, Tidman, Dowdell, Boriotis to Buzz Lightyear

June 24th - Hamilton, Ewing, Barling, Vreeken to Henderson Pool

June 27th - Queen's Engineering sessions with Junior classes

June 28th - Grade 8 Graduation and Boat Cruise

June 29th - End of Year Assembly

June 30th - PA day - no classes for students. Staff appreciation from School Advisory Council

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Dear Families,

With only two weeks left in the school year it is no surprise that students and staff are in the thick of activity, celebration and continuing to learn both inside the classroom and out in the community. It is an important part of students’ experience of school to have these valuable opportunities that build our sense of belonging and community.

Kindergarten classes were able to finish running their half marathon journey as a group – we are so proud of their hard work and running legs as they cheered each other on at the finish line. We also welcomed our newest Lions at our Discover Kindergarten event on Friday as families met staff, visited classrooms and got to experience the playground. Thank you to our School Council for offering Lancaster cinch bags for the welcome packages that families received.

We have enjoyed many opportunities to partner with Bayridge Secondary School this year, coding classes, math competitions, and culinary experiences. Most recently our grade ½ classes were able to journey over to Bayridge to try out their skills in the industrial kitchen resulting in a delicious lunch. Thank you to Bayridge SS for their warm welcome of our Lancaster students!

Our Lancaster Ultimate Frisbee team finished of their season with the year end tournament and were able to enjoy putting together all the skills and teamwork on the field. This sport truly does celebrate integrity and highlights how important it is to appreciate the strengths of teammates and the spirit of competition were success can only happen as a collective. Proud of our athletes as many of them tested themselves in a new sport and our coaches Mme. Take, Ms. Sheriff and Ms. Dudley for their leadership and the positive environment they offered students during the season.

Intermediate classes packed their bags to enjoy a few days at Camp Iawah last week. These trips offer students a chance to try out new skills, build confidence and make memories that they will take with them as they head off to high school and into their graduating year. The atmosphere at camp is like no other and we enjoyed wonderful weather and great friendships.

Many classes were provided bike safety sessions through Cycle Kingston this week. This initiative provided students with greater confidence in how to navigate their bikes within our community. As summer approaches this will only help to build safe practices and allow students to explore their surroundings and meet up with friends in healthy and safe ways. We also hope to continue to see our school bike racks filling up in the fall and throughout the year as a safe way to travel to school.

A big thank you to COBS Bakery for your partnership with the Lancaster Community. Through family purchases of COBS Bakery products and the kickback initiative they offered, we have raised $550 to support student learning projects at the school.

We have also been honouring and learning about Pride month within our building and enjoyed Rainbow and Unicorn Spirit Day on Friday. The representation from LDSB staff and students at this weekend’s Pride Parade in Kingston was absolutely heartwarming to know that our students will increasingly be able to learn and grow in spaces where everyone is accepted, supported and welcomed.

Looking forward to the days ahead, we are filling them with memories students will have for a lifetime

: )

Your leaders in learning,

Lani Fox and Sara O'Hearn

PRIDE The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag || Read Aloud || by Rob Sanders Steven Salerno


Kinders complete their half Marathon!!!

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Parent, guardian and community volunteers play an essential role in our school communities. We welcome the participation of volunteers who bring a wide range of talents and skills to school life that enrich and support both students and staff. This summer would be a great time to get CPICs completed for the next school year!

Board policy states that people wishing to volunteer are required to complete a mandatory screening process that includes a police criminal record check, sometimes better known as a CPIC. This excludes guest speakers or presenters but does include parents/guardians attending school field trips who will be assuming supervision responsibilities for students. Where, at the request of the principal, a parent/guardian is participating on a field to attend to the needs of their child, a CPIC may not be required (a condition of this situation must be that this parent is never alone with children other than their own). In this case, an offense declaration would be acceptable. These situations must be discussed in advance with the school principal.

CPICs must be updated and approved every three years. During interim years, volunteers must complete the annual Offence Declaration Form. Volunteers are encouraged to complete their CPIC application forms early in the school year, as there may be a waiting period involved with the processing and approval. Currently, there is variability on whether or not school volunteers are charged for the police criminal record check.

Kingston Police offers an automated online system for submitting your CPIC for approval.

Ontario Provincial Police requires you to download the form and then take it to your nearest OPP Detachment for approval.

You may also obtain copies of the applications from your school.

For the 2021-2022 school year, all volunteers are required to follow the LDSB Mandatory Vaccination Disclosure Protocol.

All volunteers are required to sign in and out of the office as do all school visitors. You may be asked to wear a visitor pass while in the school.

Parents: Please Note the Change Below and Ensure Your Vehicle is not blocking this area during the times indicated

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Meet Up Location Map

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April 5 - Panzarotti
April 12 - Pizza
April 19 - Pasta
April 26 - Panzarotti

May 3 - Pizza
May 10 - Pasta
May 17 - Panzarotti
May 24 - Pizza
May 31 - Pasta
June 7 - Panzarotti
June 14 - Pizza
June 21 - Pasta

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COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool

Please complete daily before attending school

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Student Rapid Antigen Testing Kits

Rapid antigen test kits can be provided for students, and staff that develop symtoms at school. Please let us know if you require additional test kits if you are picking up a symptomatic student from school.

Please follow these instruction when using the Rapid Antigen Test Kit .

Lancaster Apparel available through our Spirit Store

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Contact your School Advisory Council Using the link below


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Mabels Labels

Need labels for your kids belongings – simply hop onto and click on “support a fundraiser” scroll through until you see our school then do your shopping – 20% of all sales go to our school fundraising efforts – how easy is that!!

Cobs Bread

Love tasty baked goods from Cobs Bread?? Every time you visit Cobs Bread Bakery at 770 Gardiners rd. in Kingston simply let them know you are supporting Lancaster School’s Fundraiser and they will donate 10% of your sale to us!

Let’s “Raise some Dough”!

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