Joy James Library Newsletter

October 2013

Welcome to October in the Library

October is going to be a great month in the library! Our students are learning to become more independent library users with every library visit. Check out all of the information below so that you can stay in the know!

October Library Challenge

For the month of October, I would like to give the students an opportunity to complete a reading challenge through the library. Below is the link to the library challenge bookmark. These will be available in the library throughout the month of October.


What Exactly does the Librarian Do?

Ever wonder exactly what a librarian's job consists of? Check this out!

Good afternoon! My name is April Scott and I would love to have the opportunity to tell you a little bit about the job of a librarian. It’s true that society has depicted us as someone who checks out books and keeps the library quiet from behind a big circulation desk. I can truly attest to the fact that a librarian’s job is nothing like that stereotype.

To begin with, my job is truly about creating a strong library program within the school that benefits students, teachers, parents and the community. We are responsible for ensuring that all students are taught the skills needed in order to effectively interact with all types of information. Not only that, but we assist with the technology implementation and training for our campuses as well as for the district. The librarian must have the vision to see the big picture as well as the focus to help that individual student who needs the latest mystery novel right now. Our teachers rely on us as well to serve collaborators and assist with resources for projects and units of study in their classrooms. It is not uncommon to see a librarian co-teaching with a Social Studies teacher so that students truly get a good understanding of how to research the culture of various countries.

Last, but not least, a librarian’s job consists of creating a passion and a desire within students. As these students grow up and become adults, we want to see them as critical thinkers and problem solvers who can impact the world around them. These are the skills they learn in the library. Librarians are there to support, instruct and challenge them throughout their educational career.

I like to think of it this way. The librarian stereotype that is so prevalent in society today is that of an oak tree. True, an oak tree is strong but it is also not flexible. It will weather the storms but it will not change or bend. I think of librarians as palm trees. When things change in society and in education, librarians must be flexible, we must bend and change and find out how to best serve our patrons without breaking. Each day in the library is different and we must be fully prepared for that. The job of a librarian is both challenging as well as rewarding and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Top 10 Questions Library Media Specialists LOVE to Hear!

1. Can you pull some books on (insert topic here)?

2. Can you pull together some reliable web sources for (insert topic here)?

3. I'm getting really bored with using this same read-aloud. What new books do we have that would reinforce the same topic?

4. What web app or ipod app would be best for this project?

5. How can I get my kids to think more critically about this poem, story, novel?

6. I want my kids to complete quality research on (insert topic here). Where do I start?

7. Can you teach a mini-lesson during library time about (insert concept here)?

8. Can you order ______________? **I love getting suggestions from teachers for new books and resources.

9. Can you come by our team planning session to talk about what resources are available in the library?

**10. Can I set up a time to bring my class to the library so we can CO-TEACH a lesson?**


We have 2 COW carts and 25 ipods available for check out. Procedures are included in last month's newsletter.

Bluebonnet Books!!

Students who read at least 5 of the books on this year's Bluebonnet List will be eligible to vote for their favorite in January. In addition, those students who read at least 10 of the books will be eligible for a prize from the library. Students and teachers can access various reading logs by clicking here.

Book Fair is Right Around the Corner!

Here is the information that I sent via e-mail last week.

Hello Everyone! Our first book fair is just around the corner and I wanted to share a little bit of information with you about how things will be organized.

Monday will be a preview day for students to walk through and look at what is offered in the fair. There will be a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the teacher's lounge. You will need to sign up for a 10 minute slot to bring your kids in to preview. This should just be a quick look. Kathy will be the only one here in the library that day so please make sure that you are helping move your kids through quickly.

Tuesday - All classes that already have a scheduled library time will bring their kids to the library for book fair.

Wednesday - All classes that normally come on Friday will come to the book fair on Wednesday.

Thursday - All classes that already have a scheduled time will come for book fair.

Friday - The library will be open for passes for both book check out as well as book fair.

You can access the Tues - Thurs schedule here. If you don not already have a scheduled time, you will need to choose one of the highlighted open times.

During book fair time, we will not do the regular library lessons. Please don't have your students bring anything with them to the library except money for the book fair when you come for your book fair visit. Since books are checked out for 2 weeks, none of their books will be overdue it they keep them until the next week.

Please make sure that you are active in helping your students at the book fair, espcially with our younger students.

The book fair will also be open on Saturday, Oct 12 during the carnival!!

Posters will be going up and flyers will be put in your box soon!!