Book Main Characters - Mentor

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez


Mentor starts off as a very caring man in the book, who liked reading poetry to the kids and welcomed and nursed newcomers to the Village. He was married to a beautiful woman who died during their marriage. Mentor seemed to be an older, well-educated, and very wise character and had the ability to connect with people and the different levels. He was born with a big-red mark on his face and he slouched often. Mentor started changing after visiting Trade Mart and traded his deepest self in exchange for a more handsome statue. Mentor started to become taller and to walk straighter. His bald spot on the back of his head started to grow over with hair and his birthmark had disappear. After trading in the Trade Mart he became more selfish. He eventually became one of the leading villagers that started the movement to close down the Village to newcomers. His vision came when the village people decided to close down the Village. He was put in charge of building a wall around the Village to block out newcomers.
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