what robots are all about

robots will rule the world one day

the tasks robots can perform are almost limitless

robots can do everyday dull tireless jobs or can do dangerous unsafe jobs like walking on mars or handling radioactive waste or chemicals.

robots are used almost every where nowadays

you've got unmanned aerial drones in the army the davinci bot in medical the robotic arms in car factories the list goes on

here are some of the types of robots

they will help us make the wolrd a better place

robots effect so many parts of our life

you've got toys actual machines inventors protects robots tha t help in your house and so much more

robots are programmed

robots are programmed to do what they need when they need to they can modify make and destroy they can be used for defenses or for fighters it all depends on there programming

robots have as many sensors as they need

like some hostage checking bots have twelve some have none it yet again only depends on the programming they were made with

robots dont have certain things they need

robots have a lot of advantages and a lot of disadvantages one disadvantage they have no feelings so it will not care if you die so yeah but there is also an advantage to that they don't complain about what they have to do

robots have different impacts on different people

it all depends on your personality you could be freaked out by them or you could love them because they do all the work

robots can fill most jobs

all robots need to be programmed to do what they need to do so that job would come up a lot then in the army you need people to fly the drone to the correct area of attack

robots into the future

as time progresses AI'S will become better faster and smarter meaning they will be able to start to interact and even think by themselves
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