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Getting Medicines at Your Doorstep via an Online Chemist Shop

Whether you are too busy to drop by the chemist’s after work or cannot go out of the house because of an illness or medical condition, you will appreciate the convenience of ordering your medicines online and having them delivered to your doorstep. Not all online pharmacies in India are legitimate, though. To be safe, buy your prescription medications only from licensed online chemists. Here are some tips to ensure that you are protected.

First of all, check the ‘about us’ section of the online pharmacy’s website. You should find important information in there. For example, they might list the types of medicines and supplies they carry. Some of the best online chemists stock up on a wide range of affordable drugs as well as surgical products, chemist supplies, and FMCG goods. They also have nutrition supplements, healthcare devices, over-the-counter needs, and related miscellany. These reputable online chemists are essentially one-stop shops where you can shop for all the drugstore essentials you need.

It is also prudent to check where they source their medicines from. Some of India’s most trusted online chemists follow a strict ‘marketplace model’ that ensures that only authorized and legitimate sellers of prescription drugs can sell on their website.

Do they ask for your prescription? Is yes, then they are a legitimate online chemist. Only illegal web pharmacies don’t require prescriptions. To be able to buy your medicines online in a legal manner, you simply have to present your prescription prior to your purchase. The medications will then be delivered to your door by the seller or the appointed company, anywhere you might be in India.

Check their prices. The biggest benefit of buying generic medicines online is that prices are often lower. This is because online chemists don’t have to pay for step rental and overhead fees, and they can afford to pass the savings they make on to customers like you. Some of the best online chemists in India even give special discounts and coupons to help qualified customers save even more money.

The best online pharmacies in India don’t stop at just selling medications—they also provide value-added services such as a free ‘reminder service.’ They essentially remind you to refill your prescriptions as well as take your pills at prescribed times daily. They also have a medicine database and dictionary that allows you to access information about the drugs and healthcare products you regularly buy.

About the Author:

This article is written by Ishant Thakkar, the Operation Manager of Mera Pharmacy. Ishanth as done B.pharm then MBA. Now he is working in Mera Pharmacy. It is an online pharmacy marketplace selling baby care, personal care, health supplements, prescription medicines, regular needs and OTC drugs, orthopedic care, adult care, healthcare devices and pet foods.