Mrs. Baker's Newsletter

December 11, 2019

What is going on?


Tomorrow is an assembly day. Please have our kids drop off their backpacks on the porch before they go in. Not in front of the door. :)

I was supposed to be out tomorrow for my cousin's graduation but now need to go to El Paso for a funeral.

Charity Haga will be our sub and she is absolutely wonderful. She will take great care of them and I have some fun stuff planned. Please contact the office if their are any last minute changes.

I am sending home a fraction review for their test next week. It is in their Thursday folder on yellow paper. These are the concepts that are covered on the test. Please have kids lookover a few times at home. Thanks!

Thank you and shout of to Annalise, Gage, Max, and Rebecca for bringing in craft supplies! We are so grateful for "making things happen!"

Mrs. Bendelin came into our classroom this week and made us traditional German cookies. So yum! She showed and explained to us German Christmas Traditions and artifacts. It was so wonderful!

Cogat Scores are going home today in Thursday folders: If you have questions there is a website on the backside of the page or you can contact Mr. Molina.

Dear Parents/Guardian:

In October/November 2019, the Round Rock Independent School District administered the CogAT to all 2nd Grade students. As mentioned in the letter that was sent prior to the administration, it is a tool that is used to drive best practice in instruction and also used as a screen for potential placement in special programs such as gifted services. The data available helps identify strengths and also areas for growth. Your student’s individual report will be coming home today. At the bottom of this report there is a link to a web page that offers you further insight to the report. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me.


Carlos Molina, M.Ed.

Assistant Principal

Sommer Elementary


Next week:

Reading: We will read and respond to winter holiday literature focusing on analyzing characters and comparing literary elements.

Writing: We will be using our accumulated writing knowledge to complete a variety of Holiday writing activities.

Spelling: No Test

Grammar: None

Science: As we continue to focus on resources, we will read several books which detail the process a natural resource goes through to become an man-made resource.

Math: We will wrap up our learning about equal fractional parts: halves, fourths, and eighths. Students will be counting fractional parts beyond one whole using words and recognizing how many parts it takes to equal one whole. Students need to understand that the more fractional parts there are, the smaller the piece. Example: halves would be larger than sixths because ½ is a whole cut in two pieces while ⅙ is a whole cut in six pieces. We will have a fraction test before the break.

This and That..


  • Dec. 12 Holiday Meal for Families of 4th/5th Grades/ Science Fair Info Night
  • Dec. 17 3rd Grade Economics Fair ( bring quarters)
  • Dec. 19th Second Grade Party (12:30-1:15
  • Jan. 8th Back to School

“Would you like to enhance our school library collection and celebrate your child’s birthday? Click here for our Sommer Library Birthday Book program. A fifteen dollar donation allows your child to pick a new book (or book of their choice) and check it out for the first time. A sticker is placed in the book to honor the donation, and your child’s picture is displayed for the year in the hallway.”

Have a good weekend!