I'm a hot kitty cat meow

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My Dream Date

My dream date would be my boyfriend picking me up from my house early in the morning and just get in the car and drive as far as we could until we were tired. I would want to take a road trip with him and an ideal place to drive to would be Oregon or Nevada. Then for the night we would stay in a cabin with a yard that we could go outside in the middle of the night and star gaze. That morning we would make breakfast and find something to tour during the day that we were together.

Quote from Coco Chanel

As long as you know most men are like children, you know everything.

-Coco Chanel

Quote from me

Love is always as soft and cuddly as a cat.

Deal Breakers


~ Please don't date me if you are going to be on your phone 24/7.. thanks

~ I strongly dislike people that make fun of me for having a bad hair day

~ If you do not like the outdoors at all you are not going to be a thought

~ & if you play video games's weird

Qualities In My Partner

~ He has to be taller because sorry I don't date short people

~ My partner must have an acceptable taste in music for me to consider

~ I want my partner to want to have memorable adventures with me

~ I think it would be cool if my partner had a unique talent

~ I want someone that I can be silly with and also be serious at times

~ I need and must have someone that is rich because I enjoy going shopping.. a lot;)