Benjamin N. Nguyen 1-11-16 Grade 7 Block 4

Cornell note taking

This AVID semester, I learned how to take cornell styled notes. Taking cornell notes helped me improve my note taking habits. It also helped me study for my quizes and tests.

Community service

Our AVID teacher, Mrs. Robinson, says that if you have lots of community service hours, you are more likely to get accepted into a college! This semester of AVID, I was able serve those in need at the time of Thanksgiving. Not only did this help the people who were hungry, but it also helped my future.


In AVID this semester, we did tutorials. Tutorials helped me improve or find help on things that I did not understand. Then we started to do tutorials on certain subjects that we had trouble on, this helped me from a 89 to a 90!


In AVID, we organized our binders so that our binders could withstand a hallway stampede of students. Last year, we had dividers but we really didn't use them, but now in AVID, we utilize those dividers to organize our papers and stuff. We also had our binders checked so that we could maintain our neatness.


In AVID, along with our binder checks, we check our supplies to make sure that we are prepared. This has helped me because now I am ready for not only myself, but my non- AVID peers, so if they need something I can lend them that something. Overall, the supply checks not only help me but my classmates as well.


Also in AVID, and also along with our binder checks, we would check our planner to see if we wrote in it. This kind of forced me to write in my planner, since you would never know when or what the binder check would be. However, writing in my planner helped me stay organized of what I was supposed to do.


I look forward to the next semester of AVID as I would like to learn more AVID strategies. I hope to do more community service since my church is also counting community service hours. I would also like to improve on my cornell note taking since I usually get bad grades on cornell note checks.


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