The Lunar Chronicles


Written By: Marissa Meyer

Project By: Emily Wu 6th Period

390 Pages

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Cinder, a cyborg after World War 4, works at a mechanic booth in a market. She has a stepmother named Adri and two stepsisters that are Pearl and Peony, and an android named Iko. Prince Kai of New Beijing comes and asks her to fix his android. Then everybody gets evacuated because somebody has the letumosis or called the blue fever. There is a ball celebrating the 126 years of peace with the Lunars soon and Kai asked Cinder to come with him although she declines. Queen Levana of the Lunars, human-like creatures that live on the moon, will also be attending the ball, Queen Levana realizes that Cinder is a Lunar. Nansi, Kai's android, has a chip that tells Cinder that the Queen of the Lunars will try to persuade Kai into marriage and then kill him. Cinder goes to the ball to tell Kai even though it is too late and finally reveals that she is a Lunar and a cyborg, by falling down the stairs trying to runaway.

The World Depends on Just that One Girl......

Theme: Having Somebody You Love Die

I chose this theme having somebody you love die because Cinder's stepsister dies of the letumosis and she cares for Peony and Prince Kai's father died to. This relates to me because my grandfather died of cancer and I loved him very much just like how Kai loved his father or Cinder and Peony. Having somebody in my family die is hard for me to admit they are dead, I feel something is missing in my life, like a part of me went missing. I think this is also how Ardi, Cinder's Stepmother felt when she lost Peony or Kai when he lost his father. Losing family members is hard and harder for other people, Kai could be one of them. His father died and left him to be Emperor without help of any kind.