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February 16th, 2016

Website of the Week: Tiki- Toki


Tiki-Toki is a great online resource to create beautiful web-based, interactive timelines!

Students can have a variety of different ways to show a timeline where they can embed videos or pictures next to the date. They can change the font, background, colors, etc. to format it the way they would like. Not to mention, it also can be in 3D!

I could see students using it in the following ways:

  • Timeline of a war/major event
  • Timeline of an important person's life
  • Recap of the year (All the important things they did this year so far)--Could be fun for conferences!

Please note: With a free account, you can only create 1 timeline. However, I was told once you are done, you can erase it and create a new one.

Introduction to Tiki-Toki Timelines

Resources From February 12th PD Day

Wow! What a great Tech & Innovation PD Day we had! Here are some resources from some of the sessions in case you were not able to make it to one you wanted to go to that day!

Link to Resources

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Lindsey Stepp

K-6 Instructional Innovation Specialist

Reeds Spring School District