Marthasville Family Newsletter

May 2021

How are we down to the last month?!? As of 5/3, we officially have 18 full days and 2 half days left with your kiddos. Please look for last minute reminders or emails closer to the last days about students bringing home belongings from their desks, returning chromebooks, and district issued hot spots. Chargers do not need to be returned unless you are leaving the district. We have many exciting plans in store for our kiddos and I can't wait for our 2 days of Indoor and Outdoor Field Days!! HUGE SHOUT OUT to anyone who donated items from our Amazon wish list! Coach Dougherty and I are extremely grateful for the generosity.

May 3-7 is Teacher Appreciation Week! PTG and MANY supporting parents/families have signed up to donate items for breakfast, lunches, and snacks and our staff is excited and appreciative. My principal heart is full once again!

I hope you are all finding time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Stay safe and healthy!


Mrs. Daffron

#MarthasvilleROCKS #BlueJayPride #SDOW


Our MAP testing window is April 26-May 7 for grades 3-6. Attendance is extremely important during MAP testing. WE HAVE HAD A LOT OF ABSENT STUDENTS! 3rd-6th grade students who are late on these days will not be allowed to enter the classroom if their class has already started testing. They will stay in the office until their class finishes the session. Please make sure your learner eats a balanced breakfast and gets enough sleep! We need them fully alert and ready to go each morning. Snacks will be provided to each MAP testing class. There may be days where a class has to take multiple sessions, so breaks will be built in throughout the day. Classes have started practicing using online tools and taking test prep questions. If your child is late or absent during a MAP test session, we have makeup days built in. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to seeing our students show what they know!

2021-2022 Enrollment

If your child will not be returning to Marthasville in August, please call the office and let Cheryl know, along with a reason (moving, switching to E-Learning, homeschooling, etc). Official class lists are not sent out until August, but we need a rough draft before leaving for summer vacation. Thank you!

Can Food Drive

United Way is collecting PB& J jars during the month of May. Any donations from our school will directly benefit Loving Hearts Outreach in Washington.


No May PTG meeting.

Dine to Donate

Our next Dine to Donate will be on May 13th at Fazoli's AND Orange Leaf! We are excited to host 2 in one night. They are so close that you could have dinner and dessert while supporting our school!

Library Books

May 14- Last Day to checkout library books.

May 21- ALL library books are due!

Important Dates

5/3-5/7 MAP Testing Continued

5/6-5/12 School Nurse Week

5/10-5/14 Makeup MAP Testing

5/19 & 5/20 Indoor and Outdoor Field Day

5/27 Early Release 11:50

5/28 LAST DAY! Early Release 11:50

Marthasville PTG Minutes for April 27

Marthasville PTG Agenda


  • Call Meeting to order...called to order at 6:04 pm

  • Approval of 3-30-2021 Meeting Minutes….Minutes approved First- Cassie Second-Amanda

  • Financial Report

    • 990-N form due May 31st. Lea to be meeting with Rachel to discuss...Amanda bought teacher appreciation stuff was purchased $10,044.75 left (after Moe’s was added) Waiting for Rachel to get with Lea to figure out the 990-N form. Certification of liability insurance- what do we need to do with this? Lea will put in the binder and add a tab.

  • Neighborhood Reads- the money earned will be used by Mrs. Daffron since we only get it as a credit. Daffron will take care of this.

  • Savers Fundraiser

    • Flyers and bags have gone home with students and information is also out on the Facebook page for PTG and local sites. Have been pushing throughout community as well.

    • We have collected approx 45 bags already- update to 70 bags.

    • Our goal is 223 bags

    • June 8th is the delivery date to the Ellisville drop off location. Larry Pape will drive the trailer but we will need a few additional people to go to help unload the trailer. Delivery needs to be at 11:00 a.m. Cassie could help if off (or Tony). Mrs. Daffron will post a FB Live to promote this- will push out when the May Family Newsletter goes out. A nice sign was made by Matt Meyer and Skyler Rucker.

    • Mike Day offered to collect bags during the fire department’s BBQ this coming Sunday, 5/2. Will take trailer down and bring back. Will touch base with Mike.

    • Direct deposit for the profit has already been set up online as well.

  • Dine to Donates

    • Fazolis/Orange Leaf

      • May 13th at both locations. All day sales with the mention of Marthasville Elementary. 10% profit back to us.

      • Flyers are done and will go out the 1st week of may to students.

      • Stickers will be made and given to students the day of event. Will hand out to teachers a few days ahead of time.

    • Playtime Party Center (Wentzville, MO) Family Day

      • June 17th 2021 11am to 8pm

      • No flyer needed but we do need to mention Marthasville when ordering.

      • 20% of profit will be donated back to the PTG

      • Flyers are made and will be handed out in school May 24th

    • Wash Mo Snow Cone Truck

      • July 7th, 2021 from 3-530pm at Marthasville Elementary School Parking Lot- send home flyers at the end of the year and also during summer school.

      • Cash or check only

      • 20% profit back to the PTG

      • They will need electric for the ice shaver

      • Flyers are done and will be handed out June 28th at summer school and promoted online

  • Voting of Officers for the 2021/2022 School Year

    • President- Lea First: Amanda Second: Cassie

    • Vice President- Cassie First: Lea Second: Amanda

    • Secretary-No secretary this year. No nominations.

    • Treasurer-Amanda resigning end of the year. Elizabeth- First: Lea Second: Amanda

  • Trivia Night

    • To be discussed at the summer planning meeting. Will determine a date in June.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

    • Online food sign up is up. Dates are May 3-7th 2021

      • Monday: Breakfast Day

      • Tuesday: Dip Day

      • Wednesday: Cinco De Mayo Day (tacos/burritos/nachos)

      • Thursday: Soup, Salad, Subs and Pasta

      • Friday: Dessert Day

    • Budget has been set for gifts. Mrs Daffron will turn in receipts for reimbursement.

  • Open Forum

  • There is no May PTG meeting. We will have a June summer planning and budget meeting. Let's set a tentative date and place.

  • Meeting Adjourned

Friendly Reminders


Our new office is located near the end of the parking lot, by the mailbox. If you need to pick up your child early, drop them off late, etc. please buzz in at those doors and we will let you into the safety vestibule.

Bike Riders

For the rest of this year, remind your bike riders to park their bikes on the sidewalk by the ramp. Grass cutting season is back and we need to keep our front yard clear for the mowers. Our maintenance guys super duper appreciate the cooperation! We will also remind the kiddos in the morning when we see them.

Cellphones (upper grades)

If your child brings a cellphone to school, it has to be turned off during the school day. They are not allowed to call or text you during the day to ask for anything. If they need to contact you, our teachers allow them to come to the office to use the school phone. We have had some issues of students texting and using social media either in class, the halls, or the bathroom, and it is causing issues. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact the office for further explanation.

Face Covers- Running Low!

MANY students have been given more than 25 face covers this entire school year. We are having the same students come in, day after day, with no face cover- even after we just gave them one the day before. We are running extremely low and once we are out, I am not getting more in. If your child forgets their face cover, they will have to call you to bring one up. Please make sure they have a mask or gaiter before leaving for school each morning. I appreciate your support in this matter.

Morning Drop Off

Friendly reminder to please pull all the way forward to the first cone when dropping your child(ren) off in the morning. If your child is not ready to get out when your car stops, please find a place to park and walk them over to the steps. This will help speed up the drop off process. Thank you for helping keep our parking lots safe and running smoothe!


School hours are 7:45-2:45 Monday-Friday

Our doors open at 7:20 every morning. Please make sure your child has their face cover, water bottle, and warm gear before heading to school every day. If your child rides the bus, please remind them that they have to wear their face cover until they get off at their stop.

Face Coverings

Since returning from Winter Break, we have had 83 visits to the office for students who have either forgotten or lost their face cover. Please ensure your child has a face cover that fits properly each morning before coming to school. We appreciate your support in this matter.

Parent Covid Exposure

If a parent, guardian, or caregiver in your child's household has been exposed to a Covid positive case and you are not sure if your child can come to school, please call the office at 636-231-2650 to talk to Nurse Annie.