By: Jayce

What are Apps???

Apps are icons that you get on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Smart phone and most of your hand held devices. There are many different kind of apps. There is educational apps, learning apps, apps for reading, games, and even apps for entertainment. Today i'm going to tell you about some helpful apps.


The Netflix app alowes you to watch thousands of TV shows and movies. The Air video app lets you stream videos from your computer to your iPod. And Imovie is the easiest way to edit movies on your iPhone


Instrgram- allows you to take a pictures and apply cool and funny affects.

Camera+- is the most advanced camera app for the iPhone.


ebooks- download books that are easy to read

instapaper- easily tracks web pages that you want to read

Just for fun

Now just for fun i'm going to tell you a list of some games for your iPod, iPhone, and your iPad. Jet pack Joyride, Balloons, Tower Defense 4, Temple Run, Cut the rope, Wheres my water, Extream water slide, fruit ninja, and Madden NFL 13. That is a list of some games that have been downloaded by a lot of people around the world.