St. Patrick Catholic School

Weekly Bulletin - November 11, 2018

Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget

Sunday, November 11

The Grade 4S, 2K, and 1W classes did a wonderful job leading the Remembrance Day Celebration!

Christmas Concert Information

Our St. Patrick students have already started preparing for our annual Christmas Concert. After careful thought and deliberation to accommodate as many families as we could, here are the concert dates and the classes participating on December 18/19:

Tuesday, December 18: 4G, 3E, 3K, 2B, 2K, 1W, ECS T/TH (Calhoon and Dacey)

Wednesday, December 19: 4B, 4S, 3C, 2W, 2R, 1B, 1G, ECS M/W (Bellamy and Dacey)

Location: Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre

Time: 7pm


Please note: Christmas Concert attire will be Sunday best clothing expect for the assigned actors from grade 4. Soloists will also wear Sunday best.

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Reminder: November 12-16 Fall Break (No School)

Upcoming Events

  • Nov 12-16 Fall Break (No School)
  • Nov 20 - Picture Re-Take Day!
  • Nov 22 - School Council @ 7 pm
  • Nov 23 - Hot Lunch (Chopped Leaf)
  • Nov 29 - Jersey Day!
  • Nov 30 - PD Day (No School)


  • Dec 4 - Blessing of Advent Wreaths @ 9:00 (gym)
  • Dec 6 - Early Dismissal @ 2:05pm
  • Dec 14 - School Closure
  • Dec 18/19 - Christmas Concerts (Performing Art Center)
  • Dec 24-Jan 4 - Christmas Break

Building Resiliency in our Children

Pain is a part of life and comes in a million different varieties, so it’s important for kids to learn how to deal with it. The everyday stings of disappointment, discouragement, and frustration provide opportunities for children to build resiliency. Overprotected kids become emotionally fragile and never learn to bounce back from adversity. All parents want their children to be able to handle adversity, to grow into individuals who can bounce back from tough times. Resiliency is the quality that enables them to do that.

Just as we have to teach children to be respectful, we also have to teach them to be resilient. When our kids learn to deal with little setbacks as they grow up, they are better prepared to deal with bigger ones later on in life. We all learn how to cope through failure and mistakes. If a child never loses, she never learns how to deal with loss. If he is never disappointed, he never figures out how to deal with disappointment. If she is never frustrated, she never discovers how to overcome frustration. If he never has to struggle, he never develops the traits of persistence and determination. Sometimes, the most uncomfortable situations present the biggest opportunities for our kids, helping them to forge the internal resources they need to succeed. Resilient children will be willing take on big challenges and take appropriate risks because they will be less afraid than kids who have never had painful experiences.

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