Fire safty

By:Erubiel Rodriguez

Steps on how to use a fire extinguisher

The steps of use a fire extinguisher is PASS aka (pull, aim, squeez, sweep). Those steps are simple when a fire is happening.

How to act when your in a building that caught on fire

when your in a building thats on fire. Fist you drop and roll trying not to get fire on you. Then try to fine an exit.

when your on fire

If you get caught on fire panice and yell for help. If you are out doors aim for water. The fire fighter will put a blanket on you the is fire proof.

If you see a fire

If you see a fire the fist thing to do is let and adult know. Then that adult will call the fire department.

Safety tips

When your cooking in the kitchen always stay in the kitchen and don't tell your kids play around that area. If you have to leave even for a little while always turn off your stove.

When smoking

If you have any sibling that smoke always ask them to smoke outside. And to not put matches or lighter where a child can get it.

Safe camp fire

Build you camp fire away from any tree of bushes. Keep you camp fire small and not to big. Never leave a fire even a small breeze can spread a fire. Remember that you can never start a fire with gas.

Putting out a fire

Always have water or a shovel in case the fire gets out of hands. Drown the fire with water and make sure all the sticks are wet. Feel all the sticks to make sure they are not hot. See if the area if allowed to make fire because so places are not

Electrical plugs safety

When use objects that need to be pluged in always keep is sight. When your done don't just pull the plug off, pull if off carefully. And you havea child make sure your plugs have cover on them to keep them safe. Some of the plugs can cause a fire or shock you that will might make you pass out.