Point Of View

So Many Point's Of View

First Person Point Of View

Is when you use the letters or words "I or Me" These are key words that you can find in a story when you are reading. When you read and you see a lot of I's and Me's Mine and My's you know it's First Person Point Of View.

Second Person Point Of View

Is when you use words like "You, and Yours" These are words you find in the story that help you find out what the Point Of View in the story is. These are the key words to find out that the Point Of View is Second Person "You and Your"

Third Person Point Of View Limited

Is when the narrator tells some characters thoughts, such as those of the main character or characters, but never tells the thoughts of other characters.

Third Person Point Of View Omniscient

Is where the reader and the author know everything about the situation or the character as if they were God looking down at them.