iPads in the Classroom

Elliott Pattison

Technology in the Classroom

Technology is being incorporated and used to enrich lesson every day. iPads are just one of many ways that this is being accomplished. They are being used to help students with special needs, they are even helping CLD students learn and develop their English Language skills. http://esltechies.com/2011/05/10/the-ipad-revolution/

ESL Techies

This particular website is great for any instructor that is trying to help enhance you ESL students learning. This particular article from ESL techies offers teacher a variety off applications that come preloaded on apple devices as well as some other downloadable ones. Some of these apps are Note Plus, inClass and Speak it.

Kathy Schrock

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything is great blog that I found. Kathy has compiled numerous resource and reviews that teachers can use for numerous occasions. Some of the resource can be used for classroom management, for classroom organization and even for enriching students learning. It is also great because other educators can submit apps that they have found useful or have even re-purposed for a better purpose.

Tranformed Classroom

One Transformed Classroom

Easy Presentations

With the combination of both the Apple TV and the iPads you can have your students present their work. This is great because you can hold your students more accountable by having them know that they might have to present at any moment.

Apple TV and iPads in the Classroom

iPads: Worth Doing Right

iPads shouldn't be purchased just as a statement because other schools are doing it. There needs be more than just an educational purpose but a specific goal to enhance the children's learning. This website does exsactly that and give great reasoning behind an iPad initiative