Divorced parents

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Divorced parents

Parenting After Divorce or separation is a condition in families where parents living together, whether they are married or not, separate or get divorced.

This situation creates a host of problems that need to be resolved.

Problems [edit source | edit]

Determining child custody.

Determining a temporary stay of children (also known by name old "visitation"), that is, some children will be spending time with each parent. Time arrangements are different, ranging from once a week where he will be a child with one parent and the other days, with the other parent, to temporarily stay completely equal, according to which the child will spend equally, with each parent, for example, a two-week rotation, the child will spend 7 days in each of his parents.

The degree of participation of each parent in the economy of the children.

Psychological crisis may occur in the parents and children involved.

Legal proceedings that accompany the process of separation and hostile relationship between her parents, may exacerbate the difficulties.

Financial difficulties stemming from legal expenses and the increase in current expenditure resulting from holding two houses.

Regulation of the parents and the children of Israel [Edit Source | Edit]

Parental duties, obligations and rights towards their children are set forth in the Legal Capacity and Guardianship 1962. "[1] This law distinguishes between a guardian, which defines the responsibility of both parents about their children's decisions about significant health issues, education and property, and the maintenance , which gives parents the ability to determine the place of residence of the children.

When parents separate, the law states that both remain guardians, but only one of them will be the holder (also called custodial parent or primary) and secondary parent will meet the children rights. When it comes to children up to age 6 (and actually up to age 18), section 25 Act Legal Capacity and Guardianship "that the child would be automatically presumed mother, with few exceptions.

The decision on the parent with whom the children will live each, is accepted by the authorities in accordance with the welfare of the child, which is a legal entity for that matter. Usually one of the parents becomes a main parent, which means getting custody of the children, and in most cases this is. The other parent's relationship with his children is carried out in accordance with a vision between parents (or parenting plan).

Nevertheless, there has been in recent years grinding to implement Section 25 above, by virtue of court rulings family and district courts, recognizing more and more the changes in the world and in Israeli society since 1962, according to which there are many fathers partners fully raising their children and want to continue to do so. Moreover, these rulings of the courts, were reinforced the recommendations of the Schnitt which was established to examine the existing rules for distribution and sharing of parental responsibility, when parents do not live together, whether for reasons of separation and divorce and whether it's because they were not having a life together in the first place, and the question of legal responsibility. The committee was mandated to consider, inter alia, the need to change the presumption Preschool (enshrined in Article 25 as mentioned above), and the possibility of legal underpinning of distribution arrangements and co-responsibility of the parents divorce.

Divorced parents

I'm going to talk about what it actually divorced parents. After that I will explain how to actually take place Divorce "between the parents:

Who brings whom the child support payments.

When and to whom the child goes after school.

Fixed some days the child \ e is \ a in father \ mother.