Trepa Times

Week twenty two

Book Fair

Don't forget that we are having the book fair breakfast Friday morning. Parking will be sparse, so I suggest getting to school early to secure a parking space.

Collaboration time

Given that we have our FAST data back, don't forget that this week we will be meeting with our AI's and extension staff during the collaboration time. Please look over the information that was sent to you by Jen Saxon. These names are given to us by the state. Please note that the areading scores are weighted more heavily than the cbm scores, as is the growth of each student. Students get credit if they make great growth between testing times. We will prioritize those we must by the state first and then look at those kiddos we'd like to provide extra assistance to. If Cassie can pop in during these times, she will as well. I, too, will attempt to attend these sessions whenever possible.

Community Circle

Please send me the day and time of day you plan to have community circle. I plan to attend at least one per day. Remember, this can also serve as one of your opportunities to deliver the second step curriculum if you are having difficulty fitting it in to your schedule

PTA meeting rescheduled

The PTA will be rescheduling the PTA meeting originally scheduled for this week. They do not feel holding it the night of conferences is conducive to the mission of the PTA. They had planned to reschedule for the 16th; however, it looks as if the board meeting taking place that evening will have class size on the agenda. I recommended to the PTA that we pick a different night for the PTA meeting to allow those interested, to attend the board meeting as well. To those who were scheduled to attend this week, I will let you know as soon as I know when the PTA meeting will take place. Stay tuned...

Duty Schedule

Gym duty: Hayward/Chitty

Bus duty: McAndrews

Drop off/pick up duty: Schadt

Crow Creek duty: Milburn/Graham

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Hopefully, you all got your notices out to the rest of our families on Friday. This week, be sure to solidify times for those families that haven't signed up for a time yet. There is a conference basket in the workroom for you to put your conference times in. It is helpful to me to know how late I am staying each night. Thank you, in advance, for doing this for me.

Remember, when you are having these conferences; first and foremost, let the parents know how much you care about their children! Be sure to give parents a positive about their child, then a suggestion, then another positive. Sandwich all concerns between positive comments. If you do this, the concerns you do have are more likely to be heard, as well as respected.

If all they hear are negatives, you are less likely to receive parental support. Always ask yourself, what would I want to hear as a parent? Really think about it and reflect...take yourself out of the teacher role when you do this. It's easy to get caught up in what we want to say...but remember, parents come to these conferences often wanting to share as well. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves and our students is to take time to listen.

Julie's Schedule


8:00 mtg.

9:30 Formal observation

3:30 Professional conversation/collaboration


7:45 Professional conversation/collaboration

9:30 Core mtg.

1:30 Admin. mtg.

6:00 Board mtg.


10:30 post-observation mtg.

3:30 Professional conversation/collaboration


7:45 Professional conversation/collaboration

3:30 PBIS

5:30-7:30 p.m. PTA Book Fair Dinner


7:00 a.m. PTA Breakfast

1:30 Elementary Principal's mtg.