how litter affects are environment

put your rubbish in the ben

how litter affects are envirment

how litter is affecting our school. In fps we work as a team and we try to keep our school clean but it is not really working nearly half the school litters. How do we know? Is because we surveyed 148 students. And surprisingly half of the students say they litters. Then we asked them how much they litter and they said 1-2 times a week but I don't believe them that because there is so much rubbish in the playground. Maybe some do and some don't. we as a class and our teacher. Are teacher put us in different sessions and we counted how much rubbish in every session and we put are results all together.surprisingly we found 411 peace's of rubbish all if it starts with us it ends with us we are the problem and we are the please put your rubbish in the ben.

the community

the community thinks it is acceptable to litter.The people in the community throw rubbishy every day.And they walk away this is unacceptable.Parents are suppose to be our role models but parents litter as much as we do.


Pre-schoolers are learning from our actions they see us litter and then they litter.We are their role models and do what we do."Monkey see monkey do".

Mather nature is dying from are actions

Mather neater is dying from are actions. Do you want to know what Mother Nature feels. It feels like you are force to have something on your head for the rest of your life or eat something you are force to eat I don't think anyone would like that like that.its like a killing machine.peat the pelican was killed by this killing machine he swallowed 17 plastic bags that were found in his stomach.thousands of animals are dying every day from are actions so put your rubbish in the bin.